For Economics Tuition Students – Writing Good Topic Sentences

After developing an introduction about the essay, the second step is to write sentences about the topic. Usually, the first paragraph is summarized and covers the whole information essay about its purpose and main ideas.

The flow of sentences about the topic must be as similar as the order of the introductory paragraph. Below is an example of how to combine related sentences to score well in an economics essay.

QUESTION: Discuss how elasticity concepts can help in creating a manufacturing plan for the car maker in his marketing strategies? (15 m)

Example of topic sentences

Topic Sentence 1: the producer of the car should charge a lower price as the demand of his product will be price elastic relatively, and he must charge a lower price where demand is price-inelastic, this will help him to generate maximum profit.

Topic Sentence 2: In case of selling a normal good, the owner must increase the output during good economic conditions. However, in case of inferior good, he should increase the output when the economy is in recession only.

Topic Sentence 3: Where the highly negative XED is shared with the substitute good, the producer should match the decrease in price in comparison to the rival. To reduce the size of XED, an aggressive advertising approach can be taken for the product. Where the producer shares positive XED with complementary good. Here, he can use a joint marketing approach to increase the sales.

Economics Essays – Components of a Paragraph

With the structure set out (presentation + topic sentences), we would now be able to consider the parts that are a component in whatever is left of the paper. You can think about the structure as a body’s bone structure and the parts as the fundamental organs.

Mr Koh defines a DDEE system in instructing the parts of a paper to his students of Economics tuition.

  • Definitions
  • Diagrams
  • Explanation (body)
  • Examples

Mr Koh utilizes the similarity of a ‘low hanging fruit’ for Economics definitions and frameworks on the grounds that these are secured just with memory work.

Explanations essentially allude to the contention that is being borne out in the paragraph (i.e. the point which you are endeavouring to make). We can amass cases with assessment in light of the fact that all the time, the use of illustrations and exhibits according to different views, and this adds evaluative understanding to the appropriate answer, examples may not work for each situation, but rather ought to unquestionably be incorporated where relevant.

As an aside, some students of Economics tuition ask Mr Koh whether definitions ought to be included in the introductory part since they can make the starting passage very long. So, for practising definitions should just be incorporated if these are keywords, which once characterized, help to “crack open” in the question. Something else, Mr Koh focuses towards that his students of Economics tuition hold the introduction particularly as a summary of my key issues.

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