This Could Be the Best Career Advice You Have Ever Received In Your Life

No matter at what stage of career you are at, a little advice goes a long way. That is why this godsend article includes some of the best advice to enlighten you. Right from the resume tips to the interview advice, we have got you covered. Read on and thank us later.

The Best Career Advice for Millennials

The decisions you make in the blooming stage of your career can be important later on if you end up in a different industry entirely. Your budding days at work will help you foster some relationships and potentially open many doors for you in the imminent years. For this very reason, we advise you to stick to the article until the very end, because these little things will take you to the pinnacle of your career.

The Career Advice No One Will Ever Give You

Some people will simply hate you for being you. There is no amount of extra-teeth smiling or enforced charm or jokes or compliments or social hangouts or a chain of emoji DMs that will change their minds. They hate you, and you cannot do anything about it. There will be times when you will say or do the wrong thing and cause irreparable harm. To err is to human. Do not be too fixated on this. Do not clap back. Learn from it and move on.

Typography Experts Say that Times New Roman is a Bad Choice for Résumés: It is the ‘Sweatpants’ Of Fonts

Times New Roman may deem like a classic font to us all, but according to the typography experts, it is a big NO-NO when it comes to writing resumes and sending it off to your potential employers. Experts also claim that the font is respectable, however, it is unadventurous and mundane.

Make an Impact

Make an impact in a new company as soon as possible. Learn to take responsibilities and ask to lead a project. The first few weeks of your work are important for you as you will lean in to listen, be a part of it, to learn and apply all of that in your daily work life to impress your employers and everyone above you. Absorb every single piece of information in your mind and show a willingness to learn and prosper as it will help you climb up the ladder of success in the future. You might get future projects and even promotions. The more impact you make in the early days, the more quickly you will reach the pinnacle of your career life.

Value Yourself

If you truly believe that you are underpaid, research online to ascertain what the pay rate in your field is. If you are underpaid, consult with your boss. Ask for a meeting and approach your boss in a professional manner. Make him/her realize that you bring value to the organization and let them actually adjust your salary. If they do not, opt for the last resort—find another job offer by a recruitment service, visit the website by clicking here, which provides you more salary than your current organization, but they may offer you a pay increase as they do not want to lose you. But it may also backfire, so do not do this until you have a job in hand and are happy to leave.

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